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You might be wondering what sets us apart from everyone in the field and why should you work with us! At SSSPL we ensure that your life will become smoother and sorted. Project management and multi-tasking will become a cakewalk. We are a one stop shop where you can discuss anything from web designing to photography over a good cuppa.

Drop into our office, relax on the bean bag and tell us your start-up ideas. We will help you build your dream team and take over the world. Need to take your brand name to another level or want to go for re-branding, talk to us and we will consult you with the knick-knacks for it.

Why go to multiple agencies for consulting when you can get all of it under one roof. Our unique approach towards getting any project done helps clients get a more efficient vision and effective business model.

We help you realise your dreams and also conquer them. SSSL stand out from everyone because we believe in involving our clients at every step instead of just sending them the bill amount post product delivery. We are passionate about our work and come from a background of strong expertise. Our team members are stellar performer in their respective fields and boast of working with huge brands. Our love and dedication towards our work is reflected in the way we strive for perfection in every minute detail.


Our Mission

The main motto of SSSPL is to create project management applications that gets your life sorted. We strive to create applications which will help you make your day to day work easy and smooth. Our home application SuperApp is like a virtual superhero for interior designers. It can help you manage onsite projects in the comforts of your home, communicate with the staff and send relevant updates to the client. Just like the SuperApp, SSSPL aims to keep all their applications affordable so that it can be accessible to everyone.

SSSPL has been a brainchild of young budding entrepreneurs who had been blessed with the mentoring of experienced people. We understand the need of clarity and consultation from professionals and that is when we come in the picture. We encourage young minds to start their own ventures by consulting them about market trends and demands. We provide them real-time analysis which helps them map their future ventures.

SSSPL aims to become the largest mobile application company. A go-to brand for anyone seeking services under the digital umbrella. And we want to achieve this by empowering the gen-Y and boosting their morale. By providing more opportunities to freelancers and start-ups we want to carve a place in technologies & innovations. Also with our 100% commitment and relentless hard work we are positive that every second person will be using our application in the next coming years.

Happy to help

We can’t wait to see you! A smiling client boosts up our energy and makes us more productive. Drop us an email or give us a call and we will help you out with your queries. Let’s meet up and bring your dreams into reality.

Action is the foundational key to all sucess.


This has been something I always wanted to do. But some glitch or the other always held me back. Sometimes it was the time factor, and sometimes due to unfavourable conditions. Finally, I decided to take a sabbatical in 2012 and spent time on this idea. In this period of 18 months, SSSPL inception happened. Since then there was no looking back and the rest is history!

Friend in need is a friend indeed

In 2016, I told my friend and now the co-founder, about this idea and he jumped into it without questioning. Together, we crossed many obstacles and unfavourable factors. That time, the temporary name for SSSPL was “Mission Impossible”, an inside joke, due to the issues we overcame to launch it.

Compay Foundation Date

Finally, in July 2016, our company was established. From day one we were clear about starting a private limited. We aim to become the largest application development company.


Our application is unique and first of its kind. Now we have applied for the patent for this awesome app. There are so many features that are unique and all the updates will even be more awesome. Patent to banta hai!

App Launch

We have so many applications to be launched in future. The most important of all the apps ‘SUPERAPP PRO’ is truly different and one of its kind. Today is one of the happiest and most awaited date. And yes we did it!

Being in this field for several years I have observed that technology is a part of each and everyone’s life. Hence it inspires me to create software solutions for day to day life. Now that I have a kickass team I am confident to give you better solutions.  I am here to create and support.

Pranesh Jadhav

C0-Founder | Director, SSSPL

Technology has always fascinated me, it is inspiring and has no barriers… As an artist, I always believed in creating. From painting, drawing to photography I loved what I created, but now I am taking it a step further by merging ideation with technology. SSSPL is an idea center!

Nandan Vartak

Founder | Executive Director, SSSPL

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