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SSSPL is based at the heart of the city of dreams – Mumbai! Mumbai is known for its never-dying spirit, hard work, and fun-loving attitude. A typical Mumbaikar works hard and parties harder. This undying spirit and never-call-it-quits attitude are reflected in SSSPL workstyle. SSSPL loves to transform businesses and brands to more efficient working models. Just like the city of Mumbai, the SSSPL office is always bustling with activities, laughter, high-pressure deadlines but at the end of the day, everyone leaves with a smile. The smile is of having had a productive day and helped a client make his/her life easier.

SSSPL’s founder Nandan Vartak always wanted to create a product which helped make an individual’s life easier. He had the vision to create affordable project management applications that would help everyone. In this era of digitalization, Nandan observed that there was no application that would make an interior designer’s or a project manager’s life easier. Nandan himself being a stellar photographer decided to do something about it. With immense research and analysis with his co-founder Pranesh, SSSPL was conceived.

Co-founder Pranesh, is a fun-living tech-freak who loves to play with codes and software. Being an IT department network head of a leading companies, Pranesh has immense knowledge about the latest technologies and loves to drown himself in making unique applications which can make a person’s lifestyle smoother.

SuperApp was the brainchild of these two tech-freaks who wanted project management to be a smooth road for interior designers. Coming from the same field, they were aware of how multi-tasking, handling the vendors and employees, communicating with the clients and handling the finances can drive any designer up the wall. The launched this application, to help overcome all these hurdles and help the designers focus on their real work i.e designing and planning.

Apart from our in-house product i.e the SuperApp, we provide other services as well. We are a software solutions company where we provide consulting and variety of products which suit your business requirements. We are a one-stop shop where you can find solutions for your brand, website creation, and many other services.  We believe in providing the best to our clients and are a stickler for details. SSSPL aspires to become the top solution providers in the digital space. So hop on board and contact us to know more.

We are a Software solutions company.

We Ideate… We Create… We Innovate!


SuperApp is your personal assistant which helps you juggle different tasks easily at the same time. With this application in your mobile, you can focus on high priority assignments while the daily tasks will be easily taken care of. SuperApp will surely ease your workload and simplify your life.

This application makes work delegation smooth and effortless. Also, updates & progress about the assigned tasks can be obtained at the click of a button. Communication with colleagues or employees regarding the tasks is quick and easier.

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At SuperApp, we aim to bring you on one platform with the vendors and your co-workers. This enables you to interact and work with them simultaneously. The Super Search feature is a fundamental part of SuperApp. SuperApp Search is here to make your life easy and smooth. With a few clicks, SuperApp Search turns the hectic life of a designer into an organised routine. You just need to enter what your requirements and this application will give you all the best options available in the industry. Let’s know more about this amazing feature



Artshopy is the ideal place for Buying/Selling all kinds of Art. Think sketches to Paintings, Murals to Artifacts and also wearable stuff like Shoes, Accessories etc or anything arty under the sun. We provide a the most suitable and user friendly platform for Artists ( and their Art of course) in all Shapes and Sizes, all Genres, all Categories and all ages…young amateur as well as experienced, to showcase and sell their work. We are also an interactive platform and would love to hear from you regularly. You can Review, Like, Comment (or simply message us) on the Art here and we will respond.

It’s an open marketplace for everyone to explore.

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