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Customer Is the Hero!

As clichéd as it may sound but we believe in sitting down with our customers and knowing what they want. We are not the ones who will confuse you with technical jargons and make you invest in something that you don’t understand. Along with our aim to become the next big thing in the industry we also strive to make each and every client of ours satisfied with the product they get.

We Love Mondays:

Surprised? Yes, we never had those Monday blues in the SSSPL office. We love what we do and are passionate about our products. Hence, there is never a time when coming to work seems like a drag. Our workplace is like a place to de-stress for us. We believe in exceling at our work and knowing what we do. Every day is a learning process for us where we update ourselves with new trends and technologies. Most of us have quit our comfy 9-5 jobs to start up this venture. And, yes it has been worth the risk. It is like breathing in fresh air after living in a polluted environment. For us, it is a like getting lost in a wonderland where new techniques and updates give major thrills.

Open Door Policy:

We have a strict and transparent mode of working. Each and every process is conducted as per the legal technicalities. For example: We create proper invoices for even the smallest financial transactions so that there is no loophole. We ensure that there is official paperwork between us and the clients so that there is 100% honesty in all our operations. There is no hidden costs or policies which dupe the customers or deviate from the law and order.

Our clients and employees are always kept in the loop when it comes to project management or company decisions. This is done so that there is no dissatisfaction or disagreement within any party.

Do the Right Thing At The Right Time:

This is one thing SSSPL never compromises on. We love what we do and we do it with 100% integrity. We treat all the team members as well as clients with utmost respect and considers everyone’s opinions. Everybody’s idea is welcomed with an open mind which helps us take decisions that benefit everyone.

We always believe in doing that is right and ethical. Shortcuts were never our modus operandi.

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