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We Are A Bunch Of Enthusiastic Tech-Freaks

Watch us as our super-team takes over the world!

With brimming energy and ace technology as our cape, the SSPL team aims to bring the best to their clients. We love to experiment and try out new things in the market. The awareness that technology keeps changing every minute, makes us strive harder to keep abreast with the latest trends. We love challenges and making softwares which aid smooth functioning of an organisation gives us a big high. The SSSPL office is always full of youthful energy, where there are no Monday blues or dull Fridays. Such energetic vibes reflect in our products too. SSSPL products boast of amazing efficiency, stellar quality, and state of the art functionalities. We love what we do, and put our heart and soul in our work. Drop into our office for a cup of coffee!

Technology has always fascinated me, it is inspiring and has no barriers… As an artist, I always believed in creating. From painting, drawing to photography I loved what I created, but now I am taking it a step further by merging ideation with technology. SSSPL is an idea center!

Nandan Vartak

Founder | MD, SSSPL

Talented Professionals Sans the Formal Attire:

You Are Working with the Best! #haveitflauntit We pride ourselves in saying that SSSPL is a team of ace professionals who don’t need to flaunt their formal attire to prove their mettle. We let our work do the talking. Each team member is an expert in his or her domain and comes with a strong professional background. We have a strong knowledge and technical know-how in our respective fields. Our motto is to excel in whatever we do, so we never go by shallow mastery. We are certified professional who know their business. So, you can be assured that your project is in safe hands. Like any thorough professional we work on the minutest details and deliver only when the product is perfect to the T. We work with the best and strive for excellence.

Being in this field for several years I have observed that technology is a part of each and everyone’s life. Hence it inspires me to create software solutions for day to day life. Now that I have a kickass team I am confident to give you better solutions.  I am here to create and support.

Pranesh Jadhav

Co-Founder | MD Technology, SSSPL

Methodical & Meticulous:

We obsess over getting work done in an organized way!

Unlike the usual stereotype of youngsters being unorganized and messy, we prefer to work in a systematic manner. Our finances and payments are well-documented. All official interactions are done via emails. Our paperwork and documentation is accurate. Our clients are always kept in the loop about the latest updates and roll-outs. Also, they are given a detailed knowledge about the product. There is 100% transparency in all the transactions, and with all the official bills, there is no room for hidden costs. SSSPL team believes in taking prior approvals from clients so that there is no dissatisfaction post the final delivery of the product. We make what we believe in!

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