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Super Search is an integral part of SUPERAPP. 

Superapp Search

At Superapp, we aim to bring you on one platform with the vendors and your co-workers. This enables you to interact and work with them simultaneously. The Superapp Search feature is a fundamental part of Superapp Pro. Superapp Search is here to make your life easy and smooth. With a few clicks, Superapp Search turns the hectic life of a designer into an organised routine. You just need to enter what your requirements and this application will give you all the best options available in the industry. Let’s know more about this amazing feature

  • Who Can Register on Superapp Search?
  1. Shop Owners
  2. Retailers
  3. Skilled Labourers
  4. Independent Wholesalers of specific materials.
  • Profile Creation: Post registering with Superapp Search on the application, your profile is created.
  • Database: This profile is then added to our database.
  • Search: Your profile details will come up in the search results whenever a professional search for a service related to your specialization
  • Lucrative Opportunity: Superapp Search is utilized by ace professionals who will be looking out for many services. Thus, Superapp Search will provide you great exposure and thus prove to be a lucrative opportunity for your business. It brings all businesses on one platform and this makes it easier for both the parties i.e. the designer and vendors to get in touch with each other. So it is a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Super Easy Life: Superapp Search will help you get time-consuming tasks completed in a jiffy. With everything stored in one place, you just your mobile as your main tool, because inside it you will have you projects, assignments, schedules, vendor and employee details saved. It is just like having an entire team or office on your pocket.
  • Designer’s Assistant: Until now, designers have had to rely on multiple devices, employees or software to juggle their projects. SuperApp Search brings all this factors under one umbrella. So if a designer based in a certain city is working on a project located another city, finding local vendors and resources will be a herculean task. But with SuperApp Search he can easily set up a local team and co-ordinate with them. Thus, there is no need to travel frequently and frustrate oneself with multi-tasking.

 So what are you waiting for? Register with Superapp Search now!

A common platform where designers can find their dream team!

Superapp Search lets you connect with the best vendors and retailers all across the country at the click of a button.

  • If you are a small-scale shop owner, retailer, skilled labourer or wholesaler, hop on board with us!
  • Your brand and services will receive great exposure to vendors in front of ace interior designers and professionals.
  • Having Superapp Search is similar to having an entire team in your pocket.
  • Worried about setting up a local team in a city you are unfamiliar with? Now this is possible in the comforts of your office or home with SuperApp Search!

Transparency is our motto! We get you in direct contact with the buyer! No hidden cost!

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