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Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Website Designing and developing

This is our first love! We ensure that every website is unique and reflects the client’s personality in it. We create micro websites for organisations to high-end websites for corporate giants. SSSPL has a dedicated team of in-house developers as well as freelancers. A website is the digital face of the company so, we know how important it is to you. At SSSPL, our super team will surely not mess up your digital presence.

Mobile Application Development

It is rightly said that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. We have our own in-house e-commerce product, thus we are aware of all the pros and cons. Knowing the nitty-gritties of this industry, we are well equipped to consult our clients. And with such technical experience, one can be assured that the advice could be makers or breakers of the deal.

E-Commerce Development & Support

SSSPL aspires to become one of the top application development company. And with its very own in-products, this will be true in the coming years. We are a team which is systematic and organised but at the same time is super fun-loving. This attitude is essential when it comes to application development. Attention to detail and a yearn to be abreast with new technologies ensures that our clients get the best.


A simple picture can tell story worth thousand words. Our founder, Nandan Vartak has been an ace photographer for more than 15 years. Nandan shares this creative space with many well-known artists, thus he has deep knowledge and expertise when it comes to photography. SSSPL, thus offers all kinds of photography like corporate photography, food photography, fashion photography and many more.

Branding & Designing

Being an Applied Artist, Nandan Vartak is well aware of branding and designing. As a team, we understand how vital brand positioning is for a product. For this, we have collaborated with various designers with expertise in their respective domain. Work pressure doesn’t bother us but work quality does. Thus, SSSPL does not compromise on its quality.

Startup Consultation

We went against the flow and made SSSPL happen. Thus, when it comes to start-ups, we have been their done that! We have got years of experience to consult you about launching your own start-up. We know how special that project is for you, how much you believe in that idea! We are here to give you that confidence and guidance, something that we did not have while working on SSSPL. Our team of experts will help you solve all your queries, so that your dream project is launched smoothly!

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