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Now it is easy to work stress-free. Features that will make your life easy. Try our application, go ahead and download it.

Benefits For Superapp PRO users

Got a project in a different location? Now set-up a local team there by sitting in the comforts of your bean-bag!

Find the Dream Team for your Dream Project!


You can expect direct calls from the professionals using  Superapp PRO

We shall have innovative features that will generate leads in future.

Grow your database as the professionals call you directly.

It will be most effective and connected app in near future.

Common Platform

Why hassle someone else when you can access the vast database of vendors registered with us!  Superapp SEARCH lets you connect with the best vendors and retailers all across the country at the click of a button. In case of a project, which is set up in a different city, project owners can arrange a local team without having to physically visit that city. Superapp SEARCH will help you find the right vendors and coordinate with them smoothly.

Superapp PRO Users

Superapp PRO lets you search for vendors and contact them without any hassles.

Superapp PRO users can access the vast database of vendors registered with us!

Superapp Search makes working in foreign locations an easy task!

Rest assured, we are growing our database day by day.

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Benefits for Vendors, Wholesalers, and Individuals.

Superapp PRO users get all your information including your contact details in the app itself. So you can get direct leads and expect higher conversion rates.

Vendors can get direct leads from the professionals.

Delegate like a pro…

With features like milestones and tasks, you can coordinate with your co-workers and assign them to unlimited tasks and milestones. Get status updates for the tasks you have created.  Need not worry about the confirmation, get pictorial updates on your status. Superapp PRO will serve as a best project management application for you.

All you have to do is check the progress of your ongoing project. Our project management application will work as your personal assistant. An assistant who is fully dedicated to your project and is a workaholic just like you.


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We offer white label solutions for corporates, companies and smaller firms who wish to have their own branding on our project management application. We have our white label solution package with default branding and color schemes features. Since every client has their own set of requirements, we have customize solutions as per the need.

Our project management application and it’s white label solution is beneficial for companies and corporates. Even the smaller firms can benefit from our solution as we provide clients branding and private database structure. The client benefits from the regular updates and we also offer dynamic plans tailored to your requirements.

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