Once you have a hard working and an efficient team on your side, rest everything is a piece of cake. Though most of our work is outsourced we have extremely bold and creative consultants working for us. We have a unique and dynamic team members. Everyone is expert in their own field and yet have knowledge of handling the project in the best possible way.



We believe that all work and no fun will hamper one’s creativity. Mumbai is known for working around the clock. We like to burn the midnight oil when the project is on and we are proud of it. But we party like it is the end of the world. We work hard and party harder and we don’t follow the nine to five routine. That’s why working is always fun for us.


Nandan Vartak

Nandan Vartak

Founder | ED

“No guts no glory”.

Just like this hard core phrase, Nandan gives in hard core dedication towards his work. He believes that there is no right or wrong decision. You take decisions and then make them right. Nandan works in Business management and product ideation which is the heart of SSSPL. He is involved in the entire process, right from the germination of the idea to the final product. He also looks into the creatives and promotions.



Co Founder | Director

“Hard work always pays off”.

A firm believer of this motto, Pranesh works round the clock to meet deadlines and get his work finished to perfection. Like Nandan, he looks in product development and has an eye for detail. With a strong background in Information Technology, Pranesh works in departments which require technical expertise. He also monitors the overall working in SSSPL. He manages the on-field work as well.



Technical Advisor

“Perfection is the only way”

Right way or the highway… someone who will not budge if things are not executed properly. Combination of transparency and excellence. Amit has been of great help in making us understand the nitty-gritty of software. He has guided us with lots of patience and been there for us at all stages of SSSPL. Amit explained us the pros and cons of the utility of certain services thus helping us take accurate decisions.


We pride ourselves in calling the risk-takers. Because we take well-calculated and not impulsive risks. The SSSPL team may be small but we are ace multi-taskers. Each team member in SSSPL is super talented and experts in their respective fields. And this expertise comes from years and years of stellar work with top gurus in the industry. The SSSPL team is efficient and believes in 100% productivity. SSSPL is for the people and by the people because our team is the core strength!

We make it happen, our deadlines are met… we have an amazing team

Dr. Arvind


Dr. Arvind has helped us to a great extent in guiding us right from the inception of SSSPL. He has always been the light which has shown us the right path. He inspires us to work hard and to achieve goals which seemed impossible at first.



Ranjeet our legal advisor, takes care of all our legal works. He ensures that SSSPL functions within the legal boundaries. Ranjeet has been creating all the terms and conditions for all our products so that there are no glitches regarding copyright issues. His professional and helpful attitude makes him the best in his field.


Content Writer

Our Content Writer, believes in seizing the day and conquering over all the hurdles. She is a follower of the famous saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Communication is as important as any other factor in a business. Divya has helped us communicate with the clients through her content and helped us connect with the audience.


Brand Consultant

Milind has been working in the industry for more than 18 years and is associated with SSSPL from 2018. He is our creative head and has been a key element in the branding of our company and our home products. He is well connected and well coordinated with the art field which results in understanding the clients need and is able to deliver the right results.


We have a selective and a small yet efficient team for our sales. Our team is highly motivated but not persuasive at all. It benefits our clients as we do not nag. Reason for not nagging is our transparent and ethical relationship with our clients. As per our products are concerned we develop unique and worthy in-house products which sell for itself.  We concentrate on the main product and the after service so that we don’t have to rely on wrong practices.

We are humble, efficient, motivated and we do not nag or brag

You add value to people when you value them

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